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Personal Information


     I have been painting for over fifty years. I received a minor in art from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1972 and have been puttering around in my man-cave ever since. I subscribe to no particular style of painting. I simply try to create images that please me, using whatever means will lead to that end. I enjoy playing with skewed perspectives, creating an illusion of depth, hard edges, and balancing shadows with bold colors. Doing my art is fun, my chance to fantasize, problem solve, and create a world where I am answerable to no one but myself.

     Fine art painting is a manipulation of the visual sense.  It therefore seems appropriate that the edification, evaluation, and enjoyment of such artistic efforts take place visually, with a minimal amount of chatter. Never, not once, has talking about one of my paintings adequately described what I was up to.


     I give my heartfelt thanks to my wife, Janet, who has patiently supported my efforts through the years, put up with my distractions, and tolerated paint mysteriously appearing on walls, light switches, and sundry articles of clothing. I also thank the members of my critique group who have tactfully increased the depth and breath of my vision.

     While I could walk you through the events of my artistic career, a more exciting rendition may be found in my resume.

*Aug2023 - One Man Show - KVIE Gallery

*Feb 2023 - Ginsberg Award - Magnum Opus Art Show - Sac. Fine   Art Ctr. 


*Oct 2022 - Best of Show - KVIE Art Auction


*Oct 2020 - Participant: KVIE Art Auction

*Apr 2020 - Participant: NCA Bold Expressions Art Show

* Jul 2019 - Participant: California State Art Show

* Sep 2017 - Exhibition: Sacramento Love (with Bob Miller) SMUD Gallery

* Jan 2017 - Exhibition: Celebrate California: Sac Co.Board of

                     Supervisors Chamber 

* Sep 2016 - NCA Bold Expressions Int. Art Show - Honorable


* Sep 2016 - KVIE Sept Program Guide - Cover Art

* Aug 2016 - KVIE Art Auction - Juror's Award

* Jun 2016 - California State Art Show - Award of Merit


* May 2016 - NCA Inner Views Art Show - Best Use of Mood

* Sep 2015 - KVIE Art Auction - 1st place Contemporary Painting

* Jan 2015 - Delicato Vineyards 27th Annual Art Show - 3 hon.                                mentions  

* Jul 2014 - SFAC Magnum Opus Int. Art Show - Honorable mention

* Jun 2014 - Placer Art League Open Art Show - Honorable mention

* May 2014 - Elk Grove Open Art Show - Honorable mention

* May 2014 - Elk Grove Excellence in Art Show - 2nd place 

                                     Some from the old days


* Dec 1990 - Portofino Cafe, Pacific Grove - One man Show


* Sep 1989 - 3 Com Corp Art Show, San Jose


* Apr 1989 - Pacific Grove Biennual Art Exhibit - Pacific Grove


* July 1989 - Monterey Penensula Museum of Art Biennual Exhibit


* May 1889 - Lodi Art Center Art Show


* May 1989 - Central California Art League Show, Modesto


*Aug 1988 - Mother Lode Art Assn. Art Show - Placerville


* July 1988 - Society of Western Art Show - Modesto - Second Place


* May 1988 - Central California Art League Show, Modesto


* Apr 1988 - Santa Cruz Art League Show, Santa Cruz - Honorable


*Nov - 1887 - Samuel F. B. Morse Gallery, Pebble Beach - one man


* Apr - 1981 - Cooperhouse, Santa Cruz - one man show


* Aug 1981 - Mother Lode Art Show, Placerville


* Jun 1979 - Northern California Art Assn. Show, Sacramento -

                     honorable mention 

* May 1978 - Clouds Gallery, Folsom - one man show



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